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Pairing: BenjixJoel, BenjixJoelxBilly

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Language, slash, Inc

Disclaimer: I do not know, own, nor am I affiliated with Good Charlotte in any way. I do not know any of the people in this fanfic.

Summary: Billy has just realized he likes his two best friends. What’s a guy to do when he’s in love with male twins?

AN: This is RPS. And the rating WILL go up. You’ve been warned.

I'll post another chap if I get a few comments... I need to know that you're all interested, of course. <3




(Written in Billy’s POV)


My desk was cold, and the side of my face was plastered against the merciless surface. I was totally uncomfortable, yet by some strange working had managed to become completely numb, and I was now unable to so much as twitch my limp hand a few inches to the right. My eyeliner was most likely smeared all over the place, but whatever. It wasn’t exactly like I gave a shit.


The teacher in the front of the bright classroom droned on in his monotonous voice, which I loathed. It always put me to sleep, even when I was wide awake. Ah, the power of boredom.


Ninth grade had been fun. Tenth had been even better. Eleventh? It sucks so far. Boring class, boring work, boring boring boring. How did these teachers expect us to get anything done when they were putting us to sleep all the time? I felt my eyelids droop and decided to give them break, that brown surface was ug-ly.


Yeah, ninth grade. I’d been the new kid. Everyone else at La Plata high school had already formed their tight knit cliques in middle school, so I had nowhere to actually go. In the morning, I sat around, watching everyone.


But that had changed.


I could still remember the first party I went to, the first taste of beer, the first handful of ass and the first taste of a girl behind the school. All of it was so very cliché and it had been a wild ride. Tony and Chris had taken me under their wings and showed me well how they lived on what they so affectionately call ‘the dark side’.


I’d never forget that. I wouldn’t regret it, either. Especially meeting Benji and Joel, the twins.


Tony and Chris had done well in corrupting me. But in tenth grade, the twins had shown me a whole new world I’d never exactly expected to find. Late nights, acting crazy at their house (literally crazy), getting thrown out of school and in jail, going to insane local parties and crashing local gigs, ending up at home four hours past curfew with a case of the giggles and a bloody nose.


I opened my eyes at the thought of my two best friends. I turned my head just slightly to my left, four seats away, to see Benji poking his younger brother Joel and snickering behind his hand, brown eyes squinted and his own eyeliner as smudged as mine probably was. When Joel turned to look at him, he just pointed to a small busty blonde up front and whispered something. Joel cracked a huge grin, scrunching up his nose and shaking his head. Benji himself looked like he was trying not to blow up with laughter.


I shook my head at their mischievous grins- they really did look alike, so much it was scary. Then again, they were identical twins after all. But anyone who knew them personally knew that the two were inseparable, yet polar opposites- like magnets.


I grinned at Benji when he turned around and caught me staring at them. His pink streak was slicked down over his eye today, shuddering with every motion of his head. Instead of his usual liberty spikes, he had a fauxhawk. The pink eye shadow and lines coming down from the center of his lower lid to his cheeks looked great, and the bondage pants he was wearing (that his mother grimaced at every time) clinked noisily in the quiet room when he turned more fully in his seat to smirk at me. I stopped grinning when Benji turned back to Joel, leaning forward to whisper something into his ear. Joel turned, looking startled, and stared at me. He smiled, his face cracking into one of mocking laughter. Benji grinned behind his hand again, pointing at me. Shifting slightly, I smiled snarkily and flicked them off, ignoring the soft fluttering in my stomach.




“Hey, Billy! Wait up!”


I had just grabbed my Nightmare before Christmas shoulder bag and turned to exit the classroom, eager to get to my lunch period. I paused at the door to wait for the two boys floundering around, rushing to collect their scattered things and catch up to me. Benji's chains clattered against the metal bars on the desk while Joel dropped and picked up the same pencil four times, finally managing to shove it into his pocket. They both turned and ran to the door.


I laughed when Benji pushed Joel out of the way and shoved himself right in my face, grinning from ear to ear and panting, a glint in his brown eyes as he craned his neck to stare at me. Joel cursed silently behind him, but Benji ignored it, addressing me in that deep, throaty voice of his.


“Lunch?” he asked me hopefully. The three of us didn't get the chance to eat together very often, since usually at least one of us had detention. I smirked down at Benji, holding up my trusty brown bag. My mom had even drawn a shaky smiley face on it- damn I loved that woman.


Joel slid up behind his brother and also looked up at me, his eyes lighting up at the prospect of us all finally getting to eat together again.


The two exchanged glances, grinning at each other before turning back to me. Before I knew it, Benji had taken the bag from my right hand and grabbed it, clutching my fingers tightly. Joel laughed, grabbing my other hand and holding it softly. They dragged me along out the door, and we skipped (yes, skipped) along the hallway, Joel humming loudly. The groups mingling and on the way to lunch all ignored up, used to out antics by now. Joel's hand was warm in mine, softly squeezing as we swung our arms. Benji's spiked bracelet poked the soft inner flesh of my wrist every so often. I just smiled, albeit nervously, my chest tightening.


Even as we pushed the heavy metal door open and strolled outside, the sun highlighting their profiles in stark relief, I just grinned uneasily and told my stomach to stop doing flips.




“Hey, don’t take my juice!”


Benji slapped Joel, the sound loud in the previous silence. The younger boy just giggled around the juice box straw, slurping loudly on it. Benji mock punched him on the shoulder, not really looking very angry about it.


I just laughed along quietly, watching their antics while I sucked down my own Juicy Juice. As a rule of thumb, the three of us always brought bag lunches and did trades. Benji and Joel’s mother still made Peanut Butter and Jelly, even though they had been incessantly whining for years about their distaste for the nasty squishy sandwich. (My own mother made me roast beef and sometime ham and cheese, refusing to accept the fact that I am most definitely a vegetarian. Joel and Benji’s mother was a godsend with her nasty squishy sandwiches.)


I giggled when a half of PB and J went flying through the air, landing on Benji’s forehead with a soft smushing sound. Joel snorted, a disgruntled look on his face. Benji just laughed and spit juice everywhere, the sandwich sliding off of his head to land in his lap. I reached over and snagged it, pulling the crust off with a grin.


“Eeeew, you’re not seriously going to eat that, are ya Billy?” Joel scrunched his nose up at me.


How could I resist the delight of PB and J? I took a large, soggy bite, grinning at Joel around my mouthful as he squealed in disgust, laughing soon afterwards. Benji smiled around his own mouthful, a few chunks of apple and bits of bright green skin flinging out to hit me in the cheek. I wiped it off, quickly finishing my food and sliding my roast beef and mayo over to the twins.


“Does having peanut butter in your hair just not phase you at all?” Joel grimaced.


Benji just laughed and threw his half of the roast beef at Joel, pulling out his four jell-o cups instead. A piece of crust landed on Joel’s ear, along with a smear of mayonnaise, and he squeaked loudly. I had to laugh at that- Joel squeaking. It was kinda cute.


We finished the rest of our lunch with only one more minor food slinging contest. The tree we sat under every day for lunch was covered in remnants of green, blue, and yellow Jell-o. A spork was sticking out of the oak’s bark as well, compliments of Benji.


We gathered our trash, balling up our brown bags and strolling to the trash can a few meters away. Joel snorted, finally noticing the small bit of Jell-o on Benji. He tugged on his older brother’s pink streak, now tinged with tiny bits of lime green. Benji wrapped his hand around Joel’s wrist then, squeezing lightly. Their eyes met over the trash can as I discarded my bag, and my throat tightened.


Something changed in that moment. Something between them clicked, like pieces of a puzzle, and I could feel it. Maybe it had been there all along and I was just noticing it now. Whatever it was, it felt like something I shouldn’t bring up, or even think about. The two let go, Benji cleaning his hair with a napkin and righting the wrong done to his fauxhawk this lunch period. Joel slid close to him, whispering something with a small smile.


I turned away.



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