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Pairing-Billy/Joel suggested Billy/Paul

Rating- R

Summery- When Benji read Billy’s diary he is shocked by what he reads.

Dear Diary,

Hey I’m William Dean Martin. I play in a band Good Charlotte. We just let out a new cd Good Morning Revival. We going on our first tour for it. I know you’re a boy you shouldn’t be writing in a diary that makes you gay well guess What .. I am. I have a girlfriend Linzi I love her but I love a band member to. His name is Paul Thomas. He’s funny, Smart, sweet, can always make me feel better if I’m down and he gives me the best hugs. But he’s to good for me anyway I’ve been fucking around with Joel but that doesn’t mean anything he’s just more of a booty-call. I can’t take it anymore don’t believe me? Just look at the furious red lines on my wrists. But about Paul he is a little heavy but no were as big as me that’s why I starve myself. Unless the band is against me … not that they know or anything… but if we go out to celebrate a kick-ass show then I have to puke … it’s gross! But so am I. So that’s why I will never have Paul and will have to put up fucking around with Joel. Speaking of which her comes his twin Benji. I write more later,

Billy Martin

 “Hey Billy you comin?” Benji asked stepping in the room as Billy closed his diary.

“Yeah hold on I’ll be there in a minute I just need to change.” Billy said putting on a fake smile and walking to his bunk leaving his book behind. Wondering what Billy had written he lifted up the book flipping through the pages seeing it is new and only one page had Billy’s neat handwriting on it. But closing it and tossing it into his bag without thinking. As Billy walked back to the middle of the bus. He was wearing a Tight black Silver Chair short sleeve with an unzipped Level 27 jacket tight black jeans with black and white converse. God he looks so hot Benji thought to himself.

“Were we goin anyway?” Billy asked looking up at Benji.

“We are going Ice Skating my dear boy.” Joel said putting his arm around Billy’s waist. Pulling away as he remembered what happened last time Joel’s arm twisted around his waist. How badly he wanted it to Paul’s and for it to be him pulling him to bed.

Pulled out of his thought’s as Paul’s gentle touch brought them to their bunk. Billy imagination running wild as he realized Paul was holding his hands.

“Listen Bill-Bo I suck at skating to so don’t feel bad or embarrassed I’ll probley fall flat on my ass more then you will. So just hang with me and we can kiss each other’s bo-bos” He joked laughing not knowing how badly Billy wanted to kiss him. The urge to much he grabbed Paul as he turned around putting his head in his hands and ever so lightly placing his lips on Paul before running off to join the twins in their car as they yelled for Paul to hurry up. He still should in complete shock at what just happened. Thought broken as Benji walked in almost dragging him out. The ride was uneasy as every one had things on their mind. Benji of how badly he wanted Billy. Billy of how badly he wanted Paul. Paul over what had just happened. And Joel over what he wanted to do to Billy when they got back.

 I’ll write more I promise This is my fist fic so please be nice. Ice covered fun coming up in the next chapter.

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